40 Lessons From 40 Years - Part 2

HashTalk with Sankalp Issue #9

This is my Part 2 of the series “40 Lessons From 40 years” in which I share my learnings I gained from my parents, family, colleagues, spouse, kids and friends. Here are the rest of my twenty learnings. To read Part 1 of the series, Click Here

  1. You don’t need to Know Everything: There is no need to be a “Know It All”. If you don’t know something, learn about it and move forward.

  2. Change is Constant: Only thing that is, learn to adapt. To learn to adapt, learn to

  3. Speak Good: Do Good: Look Good

  4. Take Time to Understand Someone: Don’t jump to conclusions. Take time to understand someone.

  5. Be Kind: Everyone is working hard and deserves to be dealt with kindness. Don’t be unkind due to some problems you are facing. Your kindness earns blessings.

  6. Learn to Create Stories: Once you know how to create stories around something, selling it becomes much easier.

  7. Time is Limited: Learn to value it.

  8. Never Underestimate: Believe in someone or something. Be the first, most simple of the humans achieve greatest of the things.

  9. Be There: For your family, your employees, your friends, your parents, your community. Do what is in your hands.

  10. Be Direct: Say what’s on your mind, make the process simple for all the parties involved.

  11. Don’t Overthink: Overthinking kills creativity, leads to stress, complicated situations and faceoffs.

  12. Do What You Want: You have spent your last 20 years earning and working hard. It’s not always about saving money. It’s also about indulging yourself and enjoy your riches.

  13. Write Everything Down: Known as journalling, write down ideas, processes, discussion pointers, knowledge gained. Writing down ensures you have better chances of completing it.

  14. Measure What Matters: Don’t go about chasing and paying much attention to metrics that don’t impact your business directly. Measure what Matters.

  15. Have Faith: Very Important. Have Faith, Everything will be alright.

  16. Teach Someone: You learned from your mentors. Now is your time to become a mentor to someone. Teach him/her the trade & rules of business. If he/she is working hard and making mistakes and rectifying them. Congratulations, you are being a good mentor.

  17. Do Something For the Community: Pay back to the community. Indulge yourself, be a role model the community kids can look up to.

  18. One Week Rule: You can acquire any new skill in just one week if you immerse yourself completely into it. Mastering it is another step though.

  19. Keep Your Parents Happy: Most important, they made your wishes come true. It’s your chance now. They don’t expect much, just LOVE, CARE & RESPECT.

  20. Plan Ahead: You never know by when you will be around. Plan ahead, plan for your family, so that they don’t struggle when you are not present for them.

  21. Life is Never Perfect: Just like this list, life is also not perfect. It is just an amalgamation of different highs and lows.

Selected Headlines: So that you don’t have to

  • President Xi Jinping stated this week that the country of China needs to "seize the opportunity" afforded by blockchain technology. His statements on blockchain are believed to be his first in-depth remarks on the technology. Just one day later, China passed its first cryptography law, with an effective date of January 1st, 2020

  • The Bank of Lithuania has issued new guidelines on security token offerings (STOs)

  • A draft bill was introduced into the House Financial Services Committee (FSC) that would regulate "stablecoins" under the Securities Act of 1933

  • President Trump's former pick for the Federal Reserve is issuing a US dollar-pegged stablecoin at his new firm "Frax" -- alongside former Reagan deputy general counsel Ralph Benko

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