40 Lessons From 40 Years - Part 1

HashTalk with Sankalp Issue #8

For the past sometime, I have been reflecting back on my learnings both directly and indirectly. Learnings I gained from my family, friends, mentors, teachers, juniors , books and general life experiences. You tend to become rich (of experiences) as you grow older. Here are my key takeaways.

The main reason for me to share these learnings with you all is to share something valuable that is learned from years of experience and cannot be taught in schools or colleges. I will be sharing the lessons in two parts to respect the fact that it is an email newsletter and needs to be of a limited length. So, here are my 20 nuggets out of 40:

  1. Just Start Doing: You don’t need to know everything, if you want to do something. Don’t need to be perfect. There are a lot of open source tools available and believe it or not, other Humans want to help you. Learn & pivot along the way. Also, knowing everything won’t ensure that you won’t fall. You will, and that’s a good thing, sometimes.

  2. Listen: Listen to what your body is telling you, listen to what your brain is telling, what your employees, seniors, juniors, interns are telling you. Listen, Soak It Up, calculate & take the calculated Best Decisions. As they say, a silent mind is often the loudest. .

  3. Important vs Urgent: Apply effort that is needed, on important things that matter to your ROI at work & at office. Not everything, not things that can wait & everything can wait, except that one important task. Find that, complete that.

  4. Start Delegating: Hire people better than you. Easier said than done. But let them drive. Plan a structure and organisation that works without you. You learn from those better people and make a point to reach out to others who can teach you new things. Grow a network around such people. You are known by the company you keep.

  5. Be Healthy: Exercise every day. There is no excuse not to. Period.

  6. Time Blocking: I cannot stress this enough, start time blocking and you will see how much less time it takes to complete a task. Giving you more time for your family.

  7. Spend Time With Family: Everyone has limited time on this planet. Spend it with your loved ones. Turn the phone to silent when watching a movie with your kid. Believe me, it’s worth it.

  8. Don’t Try to Make Everyone Happy: You can’t and not everyone will ever be. Learn to let people be. Let them be whatever they think of you or see of you. In the end it’s all about you and your family’s happiness.

  9. If It Doesn’t Work, Leave It: I know, its all about consistently working towards it, but if you are spending a great deal of time on it and not achieving anything from it or getting happiness by doing it, Stop Doing It.

  10. Enjoy The Process: Once it’s done, you won’t be talking much about where you are right now. You will talk about how you got there. Whether it be to create million dollar companies, winning gold at olympics, mastering a new skill or just about anything worth doing.

  11. Ask: It’s a simple thing, you want something ask for it. What’s the worst that can happen, you will get a NO. You can ask someone else then. But, if you get a YES, your life will change.

  12. Forgive: Sure, someone has done bad to you, learn to forgive and you will achieve dangerous levels of enlightenment.

  13. Believe: Believe in someone more than your life. Whether it is your wife, mother, kids or somebody else. If you truly believe someone, the will never disappoint you.

  14. Mistakes: Everyone will commit mistakes, learn from them and move on, don’t dwell.

  15. Change is Constant: Change will happen, Learn to Adapt. Learn to Survive.

  16. Things Won’t Make You Happy: Feelings, memories and experiences will. Don’t buy things just to show off. Only buy if it creates value for you and your loved ones.

  17. Object: If you feel something is not going good, raise objections to it. Ask questions, bring facts and see yourself grow.

  18. You’re not Small: Whatever be your designation, learn to do and say what’s right, not what others are doing. And accept if you’re wrong. You will learn something you never thought was possible.

  19. Changing Other People: If you feel someone’s going down a wrong path or you feel getting him a bit changed will improve his/her life. Do it, but don’t go overboard.

  20. Be a Good Parent: Teach your kids right and wrong, what is to be done, how to behave with others, how to be grateful. In the end, you will leave them as a shadow of yourself in this world.

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Selected Headlines: So that you don’t have to

  • The SEC, FinCEN and the CFTC issued a rare three-party joint statement on Friday regarding digital assets, which emphasized that people who engage in digital asset activities must abide by their anti-money laundering and countering terrorism financing obligations via the Bank Secrecy Act. The Agencies stated that digital assets for the purposes of the statement "include instruments that may qualify under applicable U.S. laws as securities, commodities, and security- or commodity-based instruments such as futures or swaps."

  • Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has been granted an e-money license by the Central Bank of Ireland, CoinDesk reports. Coinbase UK CEO Zeeshan Feroz said the exchange is one of the very first firms to receive the license from the central bank, following a Dublin office opening a year ago.

  • dBonds has tokenized a Deutsche Bank bond on the EOS blockchain, made possible through an agreement with authorized UK-based custodian Queen Street Finance and dBond's EOS-based stablecoin DUSD

  • The Nasdaq stock exchange has listed an index of crypto's "Top 100" cryptoassets ("CIX100"), to provide Wall Street traders a quick and comprehensive view of the crypto industry's real-time performance. The index’s “Zorax” algorithm combs through data from over 1,800 tokens to develop a full picture of the crypto market

  • A Federal Reserve official said that the U.S. central bank is "actively looking and debating" the issuance of a digitized currency, amid worries that the US dollar may be at risk of losing its status as the world's reserve currency

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