Gaurav Dahake, CEO BitBnS Crypto Exchange on Indian regulations & what's next for markets


Gaurav Dahake, is the CEO of BitBnS exchange, on India crypto regulations, how India will shape up crypto markets, his own journey with various products from his team. They started with a vision of empowering users to

- save money,

- make money or

- reduce their commerce friction.

Bitbns - India's largest crypto exchange 

(Make money)

Usemycards - World's first peer to peer cards sharing platform

(Buyers save money and cardholders make money)

Buyhatke - A shopping research destination that helps users do smarter shopping and has saved over 300 million dollars for users till date

(Save money)

Tatkalforsure - A tool that automates tatkal ticket booking for you. Does over 2% of all the tatkal tickets booked in India daily

(Reduce commerce friction)

Cricket Swag - Helps you get cricket scores 1 ball faster than TV

(Sports commerce)

Bns token - Working on making crypto payments more rewarding than fiat

(Layer on everything commerce) sip style Bitcoin investing

(Make money) marketplace tool for sellers

( Make money)

Flightsforsure coming soon 😇 Would automate flight ticket booking at best prices

(Save money)

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