Daily Crypto Briefing -14th May

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Top 5 Morning Briefing

1. Telegram CEO announces the end of Telegram Open Network and Gram following regulatory battle

2. Standard Chartered says it's Issued the first Blockchain-based international Letter of #Credit (LC) transaction using China's national currency, the yuan.

3. Binance has frozen funds linked to the $49 million breach of the Upbit crypto exchange after hackers tried to liquidate some of their ill-gotten gains.

4. Ripple to offer loan products. Would that be bullish for XRP?

5. Crypto.com has secured what it claims is the largest insurance coverage in the industry, following a surge in new users and volumes over recent months.

Market Pulse

1. Bitcoin community removes $200M worth of BTC from exchanges the first day after the halving.

2. A huge Bitcoin (BTC) transfer is turning heads in the crypto community.

Long Read Of the Day

1. A new report says that the blockchain technology market will reach $21 Billion by 2025. While unemployment and economic worry have grown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses with blockchain projects see an opportunity to expand.

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