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"There's so much beauty in the pain of this thing."

- Kobe Bryant

Every week I intend to send out a 1/2/3 snippet of what I have seen best on Health, Wealth and Wisdom. Would aim to send every Monday. Alongwith some best articles and summaries to give my readers everything in one place. One newsletter to look forward to. I will continue sending regular ad hoc newsletters and podcasts separately as usual though. Please share below or give me feedback on how I can improve further.


1 on Health 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏼‍♂️

Intermittent fasting - Metabolic switching and different forms of fasting by Peter Attia. Fasting really works and Dr Peter Attia is the best at what he says. More here on his AMA on All Things Fasting

“Truthfully, in humans, we don't necessarily know exactly what the dose curve looks like for duration of fasting to physiologic output of desired consequence.” —Peter Attia

2 on Wealth 🥂🍻

  1. Tesla has been all the hype lately and no one covers it like Aswath with his bulls and bears biases. Good read here - An Ode to Luck: Revisiting my Tesla Valuation Are you Bullish or Bearish Tesla?

  2. Ben is one of the best in his field and his predictions are worthy a read. His Annual macro presentation to prepare you for 2020 & beyond

3 on Wisdom 🧠🗣

  1. “The Lessons of History” by Will & Ariel Durant is an amazing read, and Kyle’s summary here is to the point and a repeated read for me. Dig in here - 50 Profound Quotes & 5 Deep Questions from “The Lessons of History” (Book Summary) & 50+ Deep Perspectives on Humanity’s Underlying & Ultimate Challenge (Hint: Ourselves) If you fancy more reading on the Durants you an read more here on Farnam Street blog. Shane Parish says:

    Pound-for-pound The Lessons of History might be the richest book I’ve ever come across.

  2. Our second take on Wisdom this week is on Discipline and Habits - that maketh a man - Featuring none other than James Clear and his book - Atomic Habits. Compounding always wins.

  3. Tim Ferriss explains how to find the one decision that removes 100 decisions and points to his decision to read no books published in 2020 as an example of how the process can work and what can come of it. One simple decision that can eliminate all the junk decisions you need to make.

What I did this week:

Video I am watching:

Tweet that caught my eye

It’s been a crazy start to 2020 indeed globally. Stay safe people.

Best in Crypto this week

  1. The Life & Death of Plasma by Dragonfly Research

  2. Crypto Derivatives Markets in 2020 with FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried. http://bit.ly/37N2rO0

  3. How are Central Bank Digital Currencies like Lithium-ion Batteries, and how do you build a CBDC today? +20 key Fintech developments

  4. CoinMetrics Weekly State of the Network below

Most Interesting AI & ML Reading 🧠

  1. AlphaFold: Using AI for scientific discovery

  2. Towards a Conversational Agent that Can Chat About…Anything

Podcast that I adored:

#90 – Ryan Holiday: Stillness, stoicism, and suffering less

"My goal in my life is to be great at what I do. . . but to have some semblance of a normal life, to not be so lopsided, to not be miserable, to actually like what I'm doing." — Ryan Holiday

Quotations that I am pondering over and over again

Serve the moment vs fighting every thought that your monkey brain brings up. Live in the moment. Very difficult but achievable

Startup & VC Corner

  1. Sink or swim: Tips for retaining A-players in the early stages of your startups

  2. Top 10 African Startups to Watch in 2020

Stay happy, stay healthy. 2020 and beyond. 

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