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1 on Health 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏼‍♂️ - Life Goes On

Such simple thought, yet so powerful. Don’t take mental stress. Don’t sweat over small stuff and everything is small stuff. Calm mind = strong body = focus

2 on WEALTH - USD Paralysis

  1. What if the US Dollar defaulted. Thoughts and alternatives in this tweetstorm

  1. Taxed to death. Why re we paying taxes if governments can just print their way out? But a government needs to run and you need a PhD to understand all those taxes. Best of luck.

3 on WISDOM - AI & Your Legacy

  1. This below tweet on death is so powerful. You Only Live Once - YOLO. How do we make sure we live the fullest. I've a powerful for you. Start at the end.

    A. All you are going to leave is memories. Nothing else. What memories you want to leave?

    B. Who will be there with you in the end and what will they say at your eulogy? What is your legend that you want to leave behind? How do you want people to remember you?

    C. What will an unfulfilled life look like? Have you made a positive difference?

  1. This tweet arises everything you need to know on critical thinking and how to build your mental models on everything in life.

  1. Artificial Intelligence Podcast episode with Joscha Bach - intelligence, consciousness, Artificial-General-Intelligence, and truth.


  1. Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested - Whats next for her? Another Suicide like Jeffery Epstein?

  1. Uber's board of directors has approved a $2.65B acquisition of Postmates in an all-stock deal

  1. How Wirecard, a global electronic-payments giant that was once valued at $14B+ and said it processed $140B of transactions a year, fully unraveled in eight days - here

  2. India bans Chinese apps

  1. Kanye West says he's running for president. But he hasn't actually taken any steps

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